Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter Wellness.

Krista, Tara and I decided awhile back to study a Winter Wellness course and we finally made the time to get together. We gathered at Krista's house and made Vitamin C tablets. The recipe is here below.
We combined all the ingredients and changed the recipe by using 1/3 cup of:
Rosehip Powder
Acerola Powder
Amla Powder

Once the ingredients were mixed into a wet clump we rolled pea-size tablets into a bowl of Orange Peel Powder.
The Littles and I have been taking the tablets in the morning before school. I think The Littles tolerate taking the Vitamin C, what I mean is they don't mind it. But I love this way of getting them the Vitamin C they need, especially since we aren't taking any over the counter alternatives that may and are likely to have all the preservatives and additives which Ivy is allergic to.  

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