Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why I Might Be Considered A Buzzkill To My Little.

Savannah had her second Cross-Country race today. She is handling all of this quite well considering all the second-graders run with the third-graders because some of the schools participating don't start their running program until third grade. She is so small...and on the day of the race, so nervous. I think she may have waited for her friend towards the end who was falling behind, which I think is kind but not at all competitive or the point of an individual sport. I couldn't help but remind her to run for herself and not worry about those around her. She was compliant but annoyed, I may have bummed her out a bit. 
Here she is at the finish. LOOK at how big that third-grade beast is in front of her! Oh My Littlie...

I must mention because I am still burning up inside about this...the burn is not yet eased...
I walked with Savannah to get on the bus before they left for the meet. As the driver was reading off the names, the coach jumped on the bus to reprimand the loud and unattended riders to pipe down. At the top of the steps she yelled cruelly and shortly, "SHUT UP!" Savannah's neck wiped her head around to look at me, I'm sure she thought I would combust into flames out of anger over those two words. Instead she saw my eyes as saucers and eyebrows arching so high they joined my hairline. On the way home, I told The Little Girls how inappropriate her words were and how I do not intentionally put them in the care of adults who behave in that manner. Savannah defended her by saying how nice her coach usually is. And I am glad she defended her coach because this ultimately means Savannah respects her and will listen to her while on the team. I however, feel differently.

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