Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Might Be A Giant...sooner or later.

My favorite TV show is Secrets From A Stylist. Emily Henderson is a styling genius, she really understands balance in designing/staging a room and I adore her witty charm. Currently she has this super fun project/blog challenge in the works called "I'm A Giant". When I read about this dollhouse decorating challenge, I ran down to The Honey Hut, blew the dust off my own 4 year-old Alameda Antique Fair find ($60-a steal in terms of dollhouses--the seller should have just given it to me, seriously!) and replaced my enormous jade plant with a residence.
So...I want to do this blog challenge but I haven't the creative time/energy to finish my dollhouse by the December 15 deadline. I need to factor in a lot of thrift and antique shop hunting, Sacramento Antique Fair scouting, eBay stalking and furniture restoration--two Little Girls and The Goo will slow-mo this process. That's OK, I'll do it in my own time. I am excited but mostly encouraged to start a project that has been haunting me since Ivy's birth. I hope you check back with Emily's Blog (her house's style diagnosis here) and see her progress as well as the other "I'm A Giant" challenge designers creations.

[a photo of Marv (r.i.p., damn coyotes!) and Savannah--the day we brought 'House' home October 2007.]

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  1. I saw that same post earlier today, and was wishing I still had my doll house! :)