Friday, August 6, 2010

Zoo Day.

If you live near Sacramento, you know what I mean when I say that yesterday was a delightful day. The delta breeze carried a fresh sweet air, one you want to bottle and save in order to steal moments of it's pleasure on less-than-perfect days. The animals at the zoo felt it too, they were in good form and seemed happy in their exhibit homes. Especially the orangutans, whose childlike tussle and play was a crowd-pleaser. We couldn't get enough of the Giraffe girls, those gentle giants are magnificent. My sister-in-law Jenny and baby Jackson, her sister Melissa and baby Hudson, the Little Girls and I had a delicious day topped off with a stop at the Freeport Bakery. It was a dreamy day.
(thanks Lissa and Jenny for the tutus and headbands, BIG hit!)

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  1. love seeing the pics...hope there's another zoo day in the near future! Miss you girls.