Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everything But the Kitchen Sink.

So much is happening around the Honey Hut. The Garden is starting it's Harvest, new flooring is being put in, I've been cleaning and redecorating a bit and also focusing extra creativity for a very special wedding in October, Ivy is now also in Ballet School, both Little Girls are seeming restless and tomorrow is my first day as "Mrs. Botting, Elementary Art Teacher". But today, time is standing still and I couldn't be happier. Today we are living, breathing, smiling and loving Jack-time. This baby is glows cuteness every second, all day.

Have you seen the show Plain Jane? This show was ridiculously adorable. Louise Roe is lovely.
And if you haven't tried on these, do yourself a favor and get down to your local Gap or shop online here. Then do yourself another solid and purchase said HEAVENLY shoes. Not convinced? Maybe this discount will help.


  1. I must admit I recognize Louise Roe from "The City".

  2. Isn't she great? I love how she says, "My Pleasure." and how she sets up these guys on the blind dates. So charming. I wish she was my bestie.