Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is the second time THIS has happened to me in five months.

Dear Anthropologie,
I love you and you penchant for unique, whimsically pretty clothes, your ridiculously clever window displays, such classically feminine jewelry, your delicious candles, ruffly aprons and charming kitchen items. However I am disappointed in the quality of your Sunnies. I am very aware that sitting on one's own Sunnies or backing over one's Sunnies with the car is a personal disaster and I blame no one but myself for these past discretions. But Sunnies should just NOT break mid-frame forcing lens into lap while driving or while laying out in the Hawaiian sun. My point here is quality control and needless to say you, my sweet Anthropologie, will (fingers crossed) be refunding my money, again.
I still love you,

And... is Leilani's birthday.
Happy Birthday my sweet friend.
I adore you.

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