Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puppy Love.

Our sweet Cousin-dog Emmitt has passed away. He has always been a bright spot in the Pingel/McClone family's lives. This Corgi was a special dog, he lead an extraordinary life which lead him to believe that he wasn't a canine at all, but a small person with furry like qualities. He loved his pookies, walks and treats, he did many tricks and was a snuggle bug. My heart goes out to my Auntie Carolyn and Uncle Scot and my Grandparents, no doubt their lives are scarred by his absence. These photos are of our last visit with Emmitt, where he taught the girls his favorite trick, "Charged, charged, charged...Paid for!"
Emmitt's last night on patrol, on his patio guarding his Wyoming home of any creature who dare to fly or crawl by without his permission.

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  1. so sorry to read about Emmitt! He looks like a sweetheart.