Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Miss Savannah made the big decision to stop growing her hair as long as Rapunzel's and instead, cutting her hair like her lovely teacher Mrs. Reeves (yay for healthy role models!). So she and "the bob" are together again.
 Now she looks like this (with Ivy Jane). Which reminds me of this...
 September 2010.
Summer hair feels so good!

Oh and in case you are wondering (of course you were!),
this is my view while shopping at Home Depot. Sometimes I am startled my by own reality...
I. Have. Three. Kids. (yay!)

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  1. Stop it! I can't even believe how grown up your girls are getting! (And The Goo, too.)

    Love that Savannah chose a haircut inspired by her teacher. Amen about that healthy role model thing. Gabe and I always talk about our worries over having a girl some day, mainly having a healthy self image + role model...looks like your girls have that down pat! Yay! :)

    Too cute. Ivy's glasses are the cutest thing on this planet, by the way. :)