Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Day At The Museum.

Last week I took The Little Girls and several high school students on a field trip to the Crocker Art Museum. I haven't been since before the remodel and I must is fantastic. I didn't take Little Girls into the Gottfried Helnwein exhibit, it wouldn't have been appropriate for them, but all the other exhibits as well as the Crocker House itself they adored.
 I must have 5 photos of this Art-O-Mat in my library, an old cigarette vending machine turned small token art vendor. I wanted to buy one and fix it up as a fundraiser when I taught junior high art, filling the machine with pieces my students cleverly crafted. The machines are hard to find on account of California's long and lovely ban on such an apparently accessible evil. I remember seeing these in every bar and cafe in Europe. Anyways, I like to start each visit to the Crocker by looking in this brightly colored case.
 Breaking all the rules, I couldn't resist taking photos of The Little Girls by their favorite pieces.
  Some of "The Big Girls" as Savannah puts it.
The Little Girls looking down at The Big Girls.
 My favorite...Wayne Thiebaud.

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